SCH Squash Program

In 2012 SCH Academy brought the PSC Coaches and Club into the center of the sports program to bolster and expand school squash.

The PSC / SCH coaches now offer specific clinics and programs to all Lower School SCH students. Non-SCH students may also take part in these for a small fee.

The SCH SP offers most of these clinics during the Fall and Spring Seasons, while Summer programs are available by arrangement.

SCH Squash Program

We are excited to introduce the new SCH Squash Program.

Interested in learning the game of squash or looking to take your game to another level? Here at the SCH Squash Program we offer age and level appropriate instruction to the SCH student body. This program was designed by our knowledgeable coaching staff; incorporating over 20 years of empirical field data into a quantifiable system. Employing the newest developments within sports science; we have created a learning environment to help guide players through various developmental stages.

Developing an athlete involves training in many areas. A balanced and structured, sport specific program improves players and maximizes their potential while limiting their predisposition to injury. Utilizing a progressive method approach designed to help players take their game to a new level or successfully start their journey into the world of squash.

Free Clinics

SCH Lower School Program

1st/2nd Grade Play Clinics: 3.45-4.30

Learn to love the game through sets of imaginative games and challenges that awakes the curiosity in the surroundings of the squash court and explore the interplay of the mind and body. Cooperative games are highlighted as kids are taught to succeed in a group environment and learn the value of the community through good Sportsmanship.

The games are age and skill appropriate to allow player’s experience success while growing at their own rate. Developing believe in one self and confidence in one’s own ability that creates a positive learning experience.

3rd/4th Grade Skill Clinics: 3.45-4.30

The focus will be on developing greater racket skills through various solo hitting exercises. Players will work on developing a fine motor mechanic, helping them coordinate their body in response to an external object, the ball.

These new skills will be put into action in conditioned games designed to further the tactical understanding of the game.

5th Grade  Clinic 3.45-4.30

Learn the importance of good footwork and movement. The core of good movement is fluidity and ease originating in a balanced body through body control and flexibility. We guide players through the process of learning movements in a controlled and skill appropriate environment.

We will start to incorporate these new movement skills into cooperative drills, learning to work together with a partner while at the same time working on specific skills for your own game.


PSC Lower & Middle School Program

“Pizza & Play”:   Friday 3.00-4.00pm

PSC Upper School Clinics

Through a measurable and scientific approach the coaches, in conjunction with the players, work toward configuring the various components and skills of each individual to form the synergy in the player’s game. Working on refining the players racket skills we will work on developing new shots, we will work on drops, volley drops, counter drops, kills, attacking boast, lobs and everyone’s favorite the rolling nick.

Using diverse hitting exercises we will develop the player’s racket head speed and reflexes while working on producing various shots. Using conditioned games the players will learn to incorporate these shots into their game plan.

In addition players will work on learning appropriate movement, and movement patterns for the squash court. Strength and flexibility exercise will be incorporated into these sessions to prepare the player’s for the physical demands of the game.