Guest Policy

Guest Policy

Guests are always welcome at the Philadelphia Squash Club.

Your first three visits are free! Thereafter a Membership is required. 

Three-month Trial Memberships are available at ridiculously low prices! 


All players are expected to wear protective eyewear and consider safety first.

Please call 215 248 3085 / 267-399-3767 to organize your first visit.

Club Times:  The Club is open 365 days a year. Monday to Sunday  6:00 am to 10:00pm for Entry Card holders. If the door is not open during these times please call Security on 267-246-8427.

Guest Fees

A guest’s first three visits are complementary, thereafter Guest Fees are payable – we operate on an honor system. If you are not on the Member list and you play, please pay. Place your payment in the envelopes provided, fill out the details and drop it in the Guest Fee Box.

Each Guest may play at the Philadelphia Squash Club twelve times per year, thereafter Membership is required.

Guests not accompanied by members may use the courts at $10 per (non-member) player or $20 per court, for up to 3 visits. Thereafter a membership must be purchased to continue using the Club.

Members may invite three separate visitors, once each per month for free, thereafter a fee of $10 per visit is required for adults and $5 for juniors.

Philadelphia Squash Club

The Philadelphia Squash Club operates in cooperation with the SCH Academy, but is an autonomous business run as a commercial enterprise. It runs a paying Membership in the local community and is open to all to join.

The Club offers certain programs to members of SCH but this does NOT automatically make them members of Philadelphia Squash Club.

 SCH Academy Court Use

SCH has priority use of all courts during the squash season: mid-November to mid-February, between 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Occasionally matches or other activities may go over time or be scheduled on week-ends. The Schools also have use of the courts for supervised gym sessions during the day.

All other use of the facilities must be as Members of The Philadelphia Squash Club.

Tournaments, Exhibitions, Camps and Clinics

These are regularly held throughout the year; at times all 6 or 10 courts may be required. Court usage times are posted during the events. Please keep an eye on the notice boards, booking site and the monthly calendar.

 Trial Memberships are available:
  • $80 for 90 days Adult Trial
  • $120 for 90 days Family Trial
  • $40 for 90 days Junior Trial
  • 12 Visit Guest Package
 Please check the ‘Membership Info’ page for more details.